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Welcome to the home page of the New Varangian Guard, Miklagard Garrison.

The Varangian Guard were the most respected, best paid, and the most widely traveled group of warriors of the early Middle Ages. Their valiant traditions and the fascinating and intricate culture of the world in which they lived are kept alive using the latest research, and a sense of dedication to recreate things as they were, by members of the New Varangian Guard.

The New Varangian Guard Miklagard Garrison
The Miklagard "Members Gallery" Learn all about your "favourite" Varangian" Updated June 2001
Pictures from the 1999 Rusalia
The first instalment of the new "Picture Pages"
Information regarding the New Varangian Guard Inc.
Information about the original Varangian Guard and the period of interest
Technical Articles: Everything you ever wanted to know about (this particular) Rus outfit
Articles of Interest & Medieval Activities.
Byzantine Feast Recipies
Textiles Viking Age textiles identified as 'Wickelbander'
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