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Miklagard hosted the 1999 Rusalia in October.

Visitors from Sydney and various far flung empires enjoyed the event despite the wet weather.

Here we have the presentation of an authentic Byzantine mug to Darren Delany (from Fire & Steel) who graciously allowed himself to be elected "King" for the Rusalia festival held in the rain on the Sunday morning, behind him we have (from left) Chris Morgan, Christobel Ferguson, Peter Raftos and Peter Beatson. Peter B and Chris M are wearing reproduction animal masks as worn during the Rusalia Festivals.

Peter Raftos and Chris (Quarf) Morgan serve the delicious "Smoked Pepper Chicken"

Ruth Kunde and Amanda Baker looking resplendant in Finnish and Viking dress respectively, and in the background we see Julie Vulcan in a Latvian costume.

Ruth kunde and Chris (Quarf) Morgan having fun at the Viking Feast

Mmmm, some light entertainment at the Eastern feast by Ruth Kunde (seen here in a modern belly dancers costume)

Here we have Steven (Kilich) Baker and his son Michael, a very happy looking pair indeed.

Here we see Ruth in more traditional medieval belly dance costume.

Peter Raftos, a very, very contented man with his new "authentic" Byzantine mug!

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