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What is Historical Reenactment?
A social hobby with many different activities all centred around a passion for recreating history. Crafts, cooking, fighting, among other things – all in an attempt to accurately represent a specific time and place in history.

How do I join?
Feel free to contact us online, come to a training day or speak to us at any event.

How old do you need to be to join?
Anyone over the age of 18 is free to join. If you are between 16 and 18 you will need parental permission. Anyone under 16 may join, but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

I’m really interested. Where do I start?
Most people join an existing group (such as ourselves, of course!) which will have more experienced reenactors to help guide you as a beginner. This can help you get a good start in the right direction until you figure out your own way to research and implement your own kit.

How authentic and historically accurate does your gear need to be?
Miklagard has a “probation” to allow for new members to start putting a kit together. To become a full member, you should have at least a full period outfit. Your gear should be made based off historical evidence, using materials available at the time – as close as possible to the original.

How do I know this meets authenticity standards?
We have knowledgeable club members and an authenticity officer if anyone’s unsure, but the onus is on the individual to do their research and ensure their gear is up-to-standard.

Is that real fire? Is that a real sword?
Yes. Yes it is. (Although the sword is blunt)

I want to come along to training and try out combat but have no armour, what do I do?
Beginners do not need any gear to join. Your club-mates will often have spare gear you may borrow until you can get your own. They may also be able to assist you with acquiring appropriate weapons and armour

How many camp and events are there a year?
It depends on the year. We have three or four key events, but there are several others that some members may attend.

I don’t have a regular schedule and can’t attend all combat training sessions. Can I still fight at events?
The most important element to reenactment combat is safety. Once your training officer is confident that you can fight safely enough for inter-club events they will tell you. After this it is important to train regularly enough to maintain safe fighting practices. If you know you’re out of practice and may be unsafe in combat, you should opt-out.

Is it just about combat?
Not at all. We enjoy lots of other activities both during and outside of events. These include cooking, sewing, music, archery, and – of course – socialising!

Where can I get historical clothing?
You can make it yourself, or there are many online sellers. Your club-mates and authenticity officer may help guide you towards reputable and historically accurate sellers.

Why do you do reenactment?
Everyone gets something different out of reenactment, but we all do it because we love it.

I’m not from Sydney, are there any other clubs in different locations?
Indeed. The NVG has garrisons around Australia, and there are many other reenactment groups across the country and around the world. If you can’t find any or you’re not sure, feel free to contact us and we can see if we know of any groups near you.

How much will it all cost?
Cost of joining is simply the cost of annual ALHF membership, and once you are a full member there is an annual club membership. As far as gear is concerned, this can vary wildly depending on your skillset and what kind of kit you want. Clothing can of course be bought from merchants or online, or you can sew it yourself by hand (which is much cheaper – just the cost of materials and your free time!). Armour, weapons and other equipment (camping gear, feasting kit, bling, etc.) will also vary depending on whether you make it or buy it. Talk to our members and they can discuss rough costs of equipment and help guide you.