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Here you’ll find helpful information related to reenactment and the Varangian Guard, posted here by members of our group


Members of Miklagard make their "kit" based on one of many cultures who served in or interacted with the Varangian Guard from the 9th to 11th Century. There are dozens of areas and cultures that were influenced by Byzantium during this period. Here you will find images and resources on ...
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Some of Miklagard's members have a saying: "You join for the fighting, but you stay for the food!". Cooking is a big part of our living history events. When we camp we cater for ourselves with food that is accurate for our time period and geography, all usually cooked over ...
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While we encourage crafting among our members, sometimes it's easier, more convenient or even cheaper to purchase kit from established merchants. The merchants listed here are ones we have either dealt with or have heard good things about, but are not necessarily associated with the NVG. Also remember to do ...
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