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While we encourage crafting among our members, sometimes it’s easier, more convenient or even cheaper to purchase kit from established merchants. The merchants listed here are ones we have either dealt with or have heard good things about, but are not necessarily associated with the NVG.

Also remember to do your research before buying kit! It’s all too easy to purchase something, only to realise it’s not appropriate for the time period or location your kit is based on.

Driffa’s Armoury

Historical medieval armour, goods, repairs, along with other merchandise available to re-enactors and the general public. Orders Welcome. Driffa's Armoury ...
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Flaming Gargoyle Pottery

Flaming Gargoyle Pottery is a small studio specialising in medieval reproduction and medievally-inspired ware, dragons and gargoyles. Our specialities are ...
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Hammer Of The North

Hammer of the North is a multi-faceted business, that reconstructs, teaches and displays the items, martial arts, and culture of ...
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Sven the Merchant

STM is a company in the business of making replica items for living historians, historical re-enactors, geeks, nerds and larpers, ...
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