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Chicken in Lemon Sauce

1 kg chicken drumsticks (or 800g boneless breasts)
2 chopped onions
1-2 tbls oil
1 cup ground blanched almonds
2 cups chicken stock
1-1.5 tsp ground ginger
fresh ground pepper
0.5 tsp pure saffron (threads) infused in 0.25 cup hot stock
juice of 1-1.5 lemons

Trim chicken pieces as necessary, pat dry. Heat oil in a pan (big enough to hold chicken in one layer). Lightly fry onions till soft, but do not allow them to colour. Add chicken pieces and slowly seal on all sides, again without browning. Place almonds in food processor, add hot stock and blend for approx. 2 minutes. Using a sieve, strain this almond milk over the chicken, pressing the almond residue to extract all the liquid. The almond milk should have the consistancy of thin cream; it will thicken during cooking. Add the ground ginger and saffron steeped in stock, together with a good grinding of pepper. Cover and simmer for 15min for breasts or 30min for drumsticks. Remove the lid and increase the heat to boil the sauce down to a thick, creamy consistancy. Add the juice of one lemon, taste and add more if necessary. The lemon flavour should be distinct but not overpowering. Check for seasoning and add a little salt if desired.

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